Choose-a-Domain's Commitment to our customers {Logo}

Choose-a-Domain's Commitment

We are committed to you our customers. This page is an attempt on our part to articulate that commitment so that you might know what you can expect from us, whether you are an existing customer or as yet just a prospective one. The main areas of our pledge are currently:

If there is an area you feel is important that we've missed then please Contact Us and let us know your thoughts. We are constantly striving to improve our service and clarify our information provision, however without feedback from you we can only ever be second guessing your requirements.

Excellent Communication

We believe that if we make information easily available, and articulate that information in a clear and professional manner then this will have favourable repercussions. We believe that our website, as the primary point of contact for our customers, should contain as much information as possible. This information should be well managed and easily accessible. Therefore you can expect ease of navigation, clear menus and accessible links. Our Site Map should ensure that the information you require is always available at your finger tips.

Support, Support, Support!

Should you have any problems our well developed Knowledge Base should resolve many commonly faced issues. However if you require a personal solution to a unique problem, or maybe you are simply unable to find the information you require, then personal assistance will always be available for those who require it. Our Help Desk ticket-system will ensure speedy and organised support, allowing you to track and trace the progress of solutions to any problems you experience. We are determined to offer a high level of basic support with all our accounts, however if you think you require even greater levels of support (i.e. free phone technical support or face-to-face tutorials) then these will also be available at a small supplementary cost.

Feature Rich Services

We already have a comprehensive range of useful and innovative domain name services. However we are committed to continually improving, so if you want something then propose it. Tell us why it would be useful to you and so long as it doesn't impact on the provision of service to our other customers we'll probably say yes! Anything we can offer without prejudicing the levels of service that we afford to our other clients we will endeavour to offer as standard for free. We recognise there is little point in raising the price of our general services to offer functionality that would not be used by everyone. So if you require something a little out of the ordinary we will endeavour to make it available to you but may charge a small supplementary fee.

Secure and Stable

Our dedicated servers are diligently maintained whether they are running FreeBSD, Linux Redhat, or Windows Server 2003. Security and stability are our major consideration. We ensure your website remains free from the risk of third-party intrusion, whilst achieving the best performance possible. Hosted in state-of-the-art data centres which have massive connectivity across the globe, there should be no interruptions to your service. Your website should be available for your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week just like ours! Find out more about our servers, network infrastructure and data centres.

Competitive Pricing

We aim to be financially competitive, i.e. we try to keep the cost to you for provision of our services down. There may be companies out there that appear to be cheaper alternatives, but we think that we're the best value. We offer a broad range of service levels from the cheap and basic to the slightly more expensive and richer services. Included in all our services we include a high level of basic support, and all of the products we offer are secure and stable. See our external pricing comparison matrix to see how we compare with our competitors.

Visible Pricing Policy

We have a visible pricing policy, i.e. all quoted prices include everything; they are the final authoratitive price. We've come across many companies that were just downright dishonest when it came to their pricing policy. With some it was just decidedly unclear whether pricing included or excluded VAT or local taxes until finally arriving at the checkout. With others hidden and compulsory charges which weren't documented anywhere showed up on the final bill. Worst of all were the companies which added penalty charges for the cancellation or transfer of services to another company. Read more here about so-called industry standard charges! Needless-to-say, Choose-a-Domain will not levy a fee if for whatever reason you decide you no-longer wish to use our services, and as already stated all quoted prices are final. If in the future we start charging VAT all prices will be displayed both including and excluding VAT. We stand by our visible pricing policy.